Superfluous Abiding Love

Today will be a superfluous day. A day filled with exhilarating moments. Joy, laughter, and appreciation. It’s full of love and kindness. Not just for me, but for everyone!

Today will be a day filled with superfluous amounts of joy and the world as we know it becomes extinct. The shift happens today, the tilting of the scale. Love abides here! It’s spreading like wildfire, reaching every nook and cranny.

Love vibrates here! God in everyone vibrates the loudest today! Awareness falls over every heart today like a ray of sunshine and it beams from every heart and cast out the shadows of darkness!

The fire from the illuminating souls shines so bright today! The world is new! Growing fertile, abundant, more beautiful than all the years before! Fruitful, spectacular, breathtaking, peaceful, balanced, and still.

Today is the most wonderful day in our universe’s history!

God reigns! No grain of salt is untouched by his love, no crawler, swimmer of the deep, or molecule of molecules will escape his superfluous love!

Love spills out of everything, pours
down onto the ground, sweeps across the land, falls from the sky, burns through the darkest of dark places.

Love 💕Love is our language.

Love is our vibration!

Breathe in the love,
Breathe out the love!

Now, Go Love Everywhere and Everything!!



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