Faithful Shining Sun

Today let’s shine like the Sun.

Shine like the brightest, largest star in the Universe. Illuminating our blanket of warmth. Faithfully, showing up for roll call daily. Shining from millions of miles away. Shining light everywhere. Shining upon every face that we greet, everything we touch, and see!

Today let’s shine bright like the Sun, and bring light for those who are in the dark, for those who need to feel God’s love upon their hearts. For those who have forgotten, gotten caught up in their daily moment-to-moment struggles and forgot that they too shine; forgotten they too shine a light for others who share their same struggle.

Let us Shine so they feel our warmth, peacefulness, and joy. Being that ray of sunshine that is needed at that very place at that very moment.

Let’s be like the Sun, full of energy, always constant, never failing, pillar of faith, symbol of God’s unfailing love.

Beaming always, a perfection in all proportions!

Let us not strive for perfection, but be the perfection God created us to be.

May we always shine like the Sun and may we always be a representation of the perfection that our Maker created!

Go forth, shining bright, being faithful, honorable, joyful in all things, a proud, beautiful representation of Love. 💕

Let’s Love like the Sun!

Now… Go Love Everywhere and Everything!!


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