Today is a Very Good Day

Today Is A good day!

Today is a Good Day!

Today is a Very Good Day! πŸ™‚

Today is about the feel good vibe.

Feeling our way through the day helps us understand our current state of being.

Checking in with yourself and evaluating how you feel. What your current mood is, why you feel like you do, and understanding your current feeling, helps you move up the emotional ladder to a better feeling thought.

Understanding how you’re currently feeling, allows you to know where you are and where you want to be. Reaching for that better feeling, keeps you moving in the right direction to feeling those high vibrating emotions that make you feel on top of the world, like you’re soaring through the clouds and No one can bring you down.

Always being in tune with your feelings, allows you to know what to expect of your day and the people and experiences that will manifest.

Like attracts like!
If you find yourself feeling like things aren’t going as you’d like… check in. What is your current vibration, or emotional feeling? Ask yourself, how do I feel and then say, what would I rather be doing or how would I rather feel? Then, reach for things, thoughts, music, people, pics, anything that reminds you what those feelings feel like, to shift your mood up the emotional scale.

Work on this. It gets easier. The more aware you are, the shorter your bouts with negative experiences will be, because you’ll have stopped the attraction of negative things into your experience. The longer you stay in a low frequency, negative emotional state, the more momentum you build up for more and more negative experiences to appear.

The higher you are on the emotional scale, the more enjoyable experience you’ll attract. The more the momentum builds up, the more you’ll find yourself having the Best Day Ever. Saying to yourself things like, man things are really working out for me today, so and so bought me lunch, I got a call from my best friend, etc. You get the idea.

When you find yourself complaining, gossiping, self-hating, being jealous of others, feeling down or desperate, remember to look for a better feeling thought, and then another and then another.

Remember, you can’t know what you do want without experiencing things you don’t want, and once you’ve trained yourself in knowing where you are on the emotional scale, you’ll learn how to keep yourself on a higher frequency of feel good emotional scale feelings and no-one will be able to bring you down.

You control your happiness. Only you control how high and exhilarating or how low and desperate you feel.

Every time you have a negative emotion about anything, think of five happy thoughts that help to bring you back up to a better feeling emotion.

Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket!

Now…Go check in with your current emotion, find that better feeling thought, hold that thought in your mind, set the intention for your day, and have the most exhilarating day of your life today. Doing anything and everything that makes you feel good.

Happiness is Contagious!! πŸ’•

Go wearing it like it’s your favorite outfit and see how everyone notices. 😁

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