Dysgraphia…That Explains It

Never let anyone or anything hold you down or keep you from enjoying Life’s attractions.

Soar through life like the wind, coming down just long enough to kiss the earth with your feet and push off and soar some more.

What I found in the discovery of my son’s dysgraphia, was that I too shared this struggle.

I read things that help to cope with dysgraphia and amazingly or divinely they were many, if not most of the things that helped me.

I still to this day use pencil grips on All my pens at work. I usually Only write in cursive. So not to have to use the death grip as much. Learned calligraphy in art which I believe was pivotal for having very smooth cursive writing, which allowed me to manage writing with ease.

Loved crayons, because they were fatter and easier to hold. I found any pen or pencil with any drag or friction was trash, because it caused to much of a struggle to write. Graph paper for all my math problems, allowed me the structure to keep my numbers lined up.

I took typing lessons in 7th grade which forever changed my life. I now type 40 to 60 and faster depending on the assignment, key strokes per min with 200ish for numeric, which allows me to use a computer for nearly Everything.

I suggest you get your child on a computer and get them typing lessons asap, this changed my son’s life also. I also noticed my Dad has the most Beautiful cursive handwriting and I believe he is ADD like my son and I. Which makes me wonder if he too has dysgraphia.

I think there’s a link to over coming with cursive, but I’m not sure how to convince boys it’s helpful. I also write fairly large, and usually use wide ruled paper instead of college ruled, because it allows my cursive to be larger, smoother, and easier.

I’m amazed, at how many of the suggestive training ideas were coincidentally used in my life. I however, am a problem solver, continuous improvement might as well be my middle name. I believe that always striving for a better way caused me to figure out how to make things easier for myself.

Let me tell you though…that doesn’t change the fact that I still every year have to go register my children for school, filling out mountains of forms with small print info which I dread!!! I personally would love to see that go digital, maybe someone with dysgraphia could initiate a paperless registration. 😉

Anyway… I explained to my son that his dysgraphia does not define him, just like a child with physical disabilities, they figure out how to work around the lack of a limb or hand, etc. So he can work around his dysgraphia.

There’s Hope, especially in this digital world. I love talk to text, the swipe text app, if your child was in a wheel chair you wouldn’t expect to live in a house full of stairs, so find things that work, and go with the flow.

Help them struggle Less. Teach them there’s Always a Better way. Dysgraphia doesn’t make them anything but Unique and sometimes or most often unique things are the most Valuable and Amazing finds.

There are many resources now available, Facebook groups, etc.
So go read up on dysgraphia.

Let’s help them to achieve all the desires of their hearts and let nothing stand in the way of their dreams.

Everything is attainable if you believe.

Now… Go Be and Do whatever your heart desires. For the heart Always knows the way!


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